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January marks our 49th year on Main Street in beautiful Downtown Oshkosh, so that milestone is the subject of this month's FREE-with-$35-or-4-punches-on-your-Esteemed Satori Customer Punch Card design! (thermal sleeves not included...)


New hoodie designs on a new style of sweatshirt which features a bonus pocket! (Well, we're excited...) The zippie is royal blue, the pullover is heather charcoal. Your choice FREE with any purchase of $135 or more, or a full Esteemed Satori Customer Punch Card!


Long sleeves for cooler weather, yours FREE with six punches on your Esteemed Satori Customer Punch Card! The current shirt is retro royal blue with a golden tan print.


We just restocked our Earthly Body and Naked Bee body lotions and lip balms, just in time for the cold, dry winter weather...


"Amidst the worldly comings and goings, observe how endings become beginnings." --Tao Te Ching


We do our best to provide our customers with a great selection of gifts for pretty much everyone on your list! Shop small businesses, shop local this year!

Satori Imports - Oshkosh, WI.

sa-to-ri n. Zen. 1. sudden enlightenment. 2. the flash of insight, the sudden instantaneous awakening, the exact moment of enlightenment. 3. an awareness of the undifferentiated unity of all existence, where there is no sense of distinction between the knower and that which is known. 4. a nondualistic perception of ultimate reality. 5. illumination, the realization of man in his psychic totality. 6. the absolute present, the eternal now, where no past is left behind, no future waits ahead. 7. the beginning, not the end of true Zen training. 8. an experience like an everyday ordinary experience, except about two inches off the ground. (Prof. D>T> Suzuki) (-Jap satoru=to know) 9. a retail establishment surviving against all odds in downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin since 1969, dedicated to providing an everyday shopping experience that is unmistakable, enlightening, beyond description.

Locally owned & operated since 1969, Satori Imports perpetuates the 60s vibe in Historic Downtown Oshkosh! Your original source for tapestries, incense, buddhas, beads & hemp cord, posters, bajas & so much more, plus our full-line Smoke Shop. Located on Main Street, we’re only four blocks from the UW-Oshkosh campus in the heart of the Fox Valley—definitely worth the walk or drive! Friendly, knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere…plan to pay us a visit soon!

Satori t-shirt

FREE with any $35.00 in-store purchase!

Satori sweatshirt!

FREE with any $135.00 in-store purchase!

– OR –

Satori Punch card

4 punches = 1 Satori t-shirt
Full card = 1 Satori sweatshirt